Ski Area "Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschönau" - Kitzbüheler Alpen / Tyrol

Many variants for beginners, children and whizzes, plus excellent deep snow slopes

4 Mountains - 2 Valleys - 1 great Ski Area!

The Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschönau with its 109 kilometres pistes is one of the largest ski areas in the Tyrol, loved by families & friends. The choice of varied slopes, an excellent price-quality ratio and the fact that the ski area is easy to reach are the regions plus points. The Alpbachtal has plenty to offer - the Wiedersbergerhorn he Alpbachtal has plenty to offer - the Wiedersbergerhorn with its long slopes and free ride terrain ideal for the sporty skier and the Reither Kogel, which is popular with families and where one can go night skiing. The Schatzberg in the Wildschönau has predominantly wide and long slopes & the Markbachjoch awaits Winter sports lovers with challenging pistes. The slopes in the valley are ideal for beginners.


„Alpbachtaler Lauser-Sauser“ – the Alpine Coaster on the Wiedersbergerhorn. Route 1,5 km; open all year!

Natural toboggan runs for tobogganing fun on Lanerköpfl to Niederau and at the middle station to Auffach.

The Ski Juwel region is accessibly with ski pass Super Ski Card.

Webcams - Livecams in the ski area Ski Jewel Alpbachtal Wildschönau

Data provision by Ski Juwel Alpbachtal - Wildschönau

Last Updated on 29.12.2020 14:25:48 - Bergbahn Alpbach

Data provision by Ski Juwel Alpbachtal - Wildschönau

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Snow report - Snow situation - Snow depth Ski Jewel Alpbachtal Wildschönau

Snow situation in Alpbachtal in Tyrol

20 Lifts
0 open Lifts in operation
50 km Kilometers of slopes
0 open Pists in operation from
100 cm Snow on the mountain
15 cm Snow at valley
5 cm Snow in city
4 °C Temperature mountain
2 °C Temperature valley
2 - mäßige LawinengefahrAvalanche level

Pist profile

10 km
11 km
1 km

Data provision by Ski Juwel Alpbachtal - Wildschönau

Last Updated on 11.04.2021 08:10:06

Snow situation in the Wildschönau in Tyrol

25 Lifts
1 open Lifts in operation
58 km Kilometers of slopes
0 open Pists in operation from
0 cm Snow on the mountain
0 cm Snow at valley
0 cm Snow in city
0 °C Temperature mountain
0 °C Temperature valley
kein WertAvalanche level

Pist profile

0 km
0 km
0 km

Data provision by Ski Juwel Alpbachtal - Wildschönau

Last Updated on 07.04.2021 11:15:42

Open lifts & cable cars Ski Jewel Alpbachtal Wildschönau

Open ski-lifts in Alpbachtal in Tyrol

StatusNameTypeLengthHeightoperating times
Wiedersbergerhornbahn I1560 m520 m
Wiedersbergerhornbahn II1420 m500 m
Gmahbahn1354 m431 m
Hornbahn 20001085 m393 m
Brandegglift570 m200 m
Kohlgrubenlift512 m160 m
Hornbodenlift210 m32 m
Muldenlift300 m58 m
Pöglbahn2370 m875 m
Pöglbahn Mittelstation
Galtenberglift860 m250 m
Acherfeldlift130 m18 m
Böglerlift300 m55 m
Taxbodenlift375 m81 m
Wittberglift250 m40 m
Reitherkogelbahn2100 m570 mReitherkogelbahn
Nordlift1100 m360 m
Hochlift370 m50 m
Brandachlift450 m70 m
Förderband JUPPI DO260 m20 m

Data provision by Ski Juwel Alpbachtal - Wildschönau

Last Updated on 08.05.2021 15:30:56 - Bergbahn Alpbach

Open ski-lifts in the Wildschönau in Tyrol

StatusNameTypeLengthHeightoperating times
Verbindungsbahn 11857 m433 m
Verbindungsbahn 21422 m432 m
Markbachjochbahn1927 m625 mBetriebszeit Markbachjochbahn
Lanerköpflbahn1850 m717 m
Stenzerlift360 m43 m
Kropfraderjochlift315 m60 m
Arenalift770 m176 m
Verbindungslift Telecorde84 m7 m
Übungslift Hartlfeld120 m20 m
Guggwiesenlift430 m58 m
Ungnadenlift390 m60 m
Mittermoosjochlift960 m175 m
Übungslift Tennladen470 m65 m
Schießhüttllift315 m44 m
Riedmannlift I290 m40 m
Riedmannlift II360 m65 m
Schatzbergbahn I4061 m912 m
Schatzbergbahn II4061 m912 m
Gipfelbahn900 m265 m
Hahnkopfbahn1241 m275 m
Thalerkogllift710 m177 m
Hohlriederalmlift390 m110 m
Koglmooslift202 m35 m
Übungslift Mittelstation111 m15 m
Förderband Koglmoos60 m15 m

Data provision by Ski Juwel Alpbachtal - Wildschönau

Last Updated on 08.05.2021 15:30:56 - Wildschönau

Open slopes & ski-runs Ski Jewel Alpbachtal Wildschönau

Open ski-runs in Alpbachtal in Tyrol

FIS Abfahrt900 m250 m
FIS Abfahrt1100 m250 m
Schoberried Abfahrt2150 m520 m
Unterhausalm Abfahrt2650 m600 m
Ast Abfahrt1250 m230 m
Zufahrt Unterhausalm Abfahrt600 m60 m
46 Familien Abfahrt1800 m260 m
Familien Abfahrt1900 m260 m
Skiweg Familien Abfahrt1150 m120 m
Inneralpbach Abfahrt3150 m350 m
Gmah Abfahrt1100 m260 m
Skiweg Kafnerhäuslberg1800 m250 m
Gmahkopf Abfahrt600 m200 m
Brandegg Abfahrt900 m180 m
Zu- und Abfahrt Hornlift 20003450 m210 m
Horn Abfahrt2450 m393 m
Horn Abfahrt600 m80 m
Horn Abfahrt500 m110 m
Wiedersberg Abfahrt700 m130 m
Wiedersberg Abfahrt650 m120 m
Baumgarten Abfahrt1500 m300 m
Kohlgruben Abfahrt650 m160 m
Kohlgrubenabfahrt1450 m160 m
Mulden Abfahrt500 m58 m
Skiweg Kohlgrube1150 m97 m
Mulden Abfahrt400 m85 m
Hornboden Abfahrt300 m32 m
Pögl Abfahrt1000 m270 m
Galtenberg Abfahrt650 m120 m
Skiroute Baumgarten7200 m1660 m
Skiroute Steilhang650 m200 m
Familien Abfahrt Reither Kogel2250 m550 m
Nord Abfahrt1100 m300 m
Nissel Abfahrt550 m70 m
Brandach Abfahrt550 m90 m
Abfahrt Kramsach500 m81 m

Data provision by Bergbahn Alpbach

Last Updated on 08.05.2021 15:30:56 - Bergbahn Alpbach

Open ski slopes in the Wildschönau in Tyrol

Hochbergabfahrt3800 m754 m
Gipfelabfahrt700 m150 m
Verbindung Markbachjoch1050 m134 m
Verbindung Lanerköpfl2200 m42 m
Märchenwiesenabfahrt3950 m778 m
race-n-boarder arena600 m135 m
Kropfraderabfahrt1350 m117 m
Mittermoosabfahrt1700 m415 m
Talabfahrt Tennladen1000 m135 m
Hochmuth Schneise400 m111 m
Skiroute Stöck1100 m400 m
Skiroute Sixtwiese950 m295 m
Stenzerabfahrt600 m50 m
Hartlfeld Piste150 m20 m
Guggwiesenabfahrt800 m58 m
Ungnadenabfahrt1400 m50 m
Übungslift Tennladen500 m75 m
Talabfahrt Auffach3300 m554 m
Talabfahrt Auffach1150 m292 m
Talabfahrt Auffach950 m100 m
Schatzbergabfahrt3450 m660 m
Verbindung Thalerkogllift2100 m241 m
Thalerkoglabfahrt1350 m269 m
Hohlriederalmabfahrt1100 m135 m
Verbindung Talabfahrt1150 m129 m
Verbindung Hahnkopfbahn2250 m222 m
Hahnkopfabfahrt550 m160 m
Hahnkopfabfahrt450 m146 m
Gipfelabfahrt I800 m132 m
Gipfelabfahrt I+II1350 m405 m
Gipfelabfahrt II850 m150 m
Gernabfahrt2050 m336 m
Wurmeggabfahrt1800 m484 m
Skiroute nach Thierbach4350 m477 m
Skiroute Mühltal2050 m157 m
Koglmoos Abfahrt750 m93 m
ÜL Mittelstation Abfahrt400 m20 m
Förderband Koglmoos Abfahrt150 m20 m
Schießhüttlabfahrt400 m
Pfarrerfeldabfahrt900 m
Riedmann I Abfahrt1080 m
Riedmann II Abfahrt1000 m

Data provision by Wildschönau

Last Updated on 08.05.2021 15:30:56 - Wildschönau

Ski pass prices for the Ski Area Ski Jewel Alpbachtal Wildschönau

The following ski pass price tables apply exclusively in the Alpbachtal or Wildschönau zone of attraction - for the Ski Juwel ski area. But not in the LARGE Super Ski Card Ski Pass Network of the Kitzbüheler Alpen.

Ski Juwel Card High Season

2 hours34,0027,5017,00
3 hours39,0031,5019,50
4 hours43,5035,0022,00
5 hours48,0038,5024,00
1 day52,5042,0026,50
1,5 days from 11.30 h85,0068,0042,50
2 days102,0082,0051,00
2,5 days from 11.30 h132,00106,0066,00
3 days150,50120,5075,50
4 days193,50155,0097,00
5 days230,50184,50115,50
6 days265,00212,00132,50
7 days294,00235,50147,00
8 days321,00257,00160,50
9 days345,50276,50173,00
10 days362,50290,00181,50
11 days385,50308,50193,00
12 days406,50325,50203,50
13 days426,50341,50213,50
14 days445,00356,00222,50
5 in 7 days243,00194,50121,50
7 in 10 days309,50248,00155,00
10 in 14 days371,50297,50186,00

- Children born: 2003-2012 (please provide photo ID)
- Youth born: 2000-2002 (please provide photo ID)
- Children born in 2013 and younger are free in accordance with the appropriate regulations.
- Tickets are not transferable! Abuse will be penalised.
- All SKI JEWEL tickets are non-contact (deposit for Keycard € 2.00 with a minimum of 3 days skipass)
- Prices in EURO including 10 % VAT. Subject to price changes and printing errors.

Why is the Super Ski Card great value for money?

Why is the Super Ski Card great value for money?
Why is the Super Ski Card great value for money?

The ALL-IN-ONE ski pass only costs a few euros more! The Super Ski Card is highly recommended for avid skiers and those who like to explore different slopes. --> See price list ... more

Townships in Alpbachtal in the Ski Jewel in Tyrol

  • Alpbach and Inneralpbach
  • Reith im Alpbachtal
  • Kramsach

Townships in the high valley Wildschönau - Ski Jewel in Tyrol

  • Niederau
  • Oberau
  • Thierbach
  • Auffach

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