Ski Area KitzSki Kitzbühel - Kirchberg: world-class skiing in Tyrol - Austria

KitzSki calls with legendary and state-of-the-art facilities in: Kitzbühel, Kirchberg, Jochberg, Paß Thurn, Mittersill/Hollersbach

THE classic ski area, which lends its name to the Kitzbühel Alps, was recently crowned as the world’s best ski area by for the fith time in succession.

KitzSki with its 179 genuine kilometres of piste has an impressive size – allowing for race carving on the legendary Streif ski run and more leisurely skiing on ideal terrain for beginners and advanced skiers. It wins plaudits for its dependable top-level piste quality from as early as November to 1 May.

The snowparks on the Hanglalm and by Kitzbüheler Horn are true hotspots in the scene, yet still attract budding freeriders with a successful mix of challenge and the achievable.

KitzSki calling!

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Snow report - Snow conditions - Snow depth Ski Area Kitzbühel / Kirchberg

58 Lifts
27 open Lifts in operation
164 km Kilometers of slopes
58 open Pists in operation from
39 cm Snow on the mountain
32 cm Snow at valley
15 cm Snow in city
-9 °C Temperature mountain
-2 °C Temperature valley
3 - erhebliche LawinengefahrAvalanche level

Pist profile

101 km
61 km
17 km

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Open lifts & gondola lifts Ski Area Kitzbühel / Kirchberg

StatusNameTypeLengthHeightoperating times
A1 Hahnenkammbahn2414 m878 m08.30-16.00 Uhr
A2 Ganslern736 m224 m
A3 Walde473 m194 m08.45-16.00 Uhr
A4 Fleckalmbahn4039 m987 m08.30-16.00 Uhr
A5 Rasmusleiten400 m71 m
A6 Märchenwald150 m15 m09.00-16.15 Uhr
A7 Starthaus70 m11 m08.40-16.15 Uhr
A8 Ministreif132 m15 m
A9 Mocking225 m26 m
B1 Hornbahn I1832 m506 m08.30-16.00 Uhr
B2 Hornbahn II1689 m388 m08.30-16.00 Uhr
B3 Horngipfelbahn2146 m688 m08.40-16.00 Uhr
B4 Raintal1 m505 m08.45-15.40 Uhr
B5 Brunellenfeld1 m504 m08.45-16.00 Uhr
B6 Alpenhaus590 m109 m
B7 Hornköpfl675 m216 m
B8 Sun Kid37 m4 m
B9 Eggl570 m92 m
B10 Trattalmmulde141 m13 m
C1 Steinbergkogel1309 m523 m08.45-15.45 Uhr
C2 Ehrenbachhöhe918 m364 m08.45-16.15 Uhr
C3 Jufen882 m299 m08.45-15.45 Uhr
C4 Sonnenrast1067 m132 m08.45-16.15 Uhr
D1 Silberstube581 m183 m09.00-15.45 Uhr
D2 Brunn1462 m432 m09.00-15.45 Uhr
D3 Pengelstein II2171 m565 m
D4 Usterkar311 m46 m
D5 Pengelstein I2818 m612 m
D6 Hieslegg1603 m477 m
D7 Kasereck720 m221 m09.00-15.45 Uhr
D8 Hochsaukaser1284 m467 m
D9 3S-Bahn3642 m137 m09.00-15.45
D10 Übungslift Aschau175 m50 m
D11 Sun Kid Aschau60 m5 m
E1 Maierlbahn2585 m687 m
E2 Ochsalm1014 m300 m08.45-16.00 Uhr
E5 Übungslift Reith596 m95 m
E6 Übungslift Reith152 m15 m
E7 Schatzerlift (Übungslift)
E8 Gaisberg1525 m435 m
F1 Wagstättbahn2468 m794 m08.30-16.00 Uhr
F3 Hausleiten484 m89 m
F5 Talsen1461 m534 m09.00-16.00 Uhr
F6 Bärenbadkogel I1166 m342 m
F7 Bärenbadkogel II1175 m375 m
F8 Gauxjoch1242 m131 m
F9 Trattenbach821 m312 m
G1 Resterhöhe1510 m515 m08.30-16.00 Uhr
G2 Pass Thurn234 m29 m
G4 Resterkogel654 m193 m08.45 - 16.10 Uhr
G5 Hanglalm1196 m349 m08.45-16.00 Uhr
G7 Hartkaser1031 m263 m09.00-16.00 Uhr
G8 Zweitausender1426 m474 m
G9 Panoramabahn I2117 m428 m08.30-16.00 Uhr
G10 Panoramabahn II2144 m661 m08.30 - 16.00 Uhr
G11 Sun Kid Resterhöhe105 m13 m
H1 Bichlalm2254 m693 m

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Open slopes & ski-runs Ski Area Kitzbühel / Kirchberg

75 Zweitausender
Übungswiese Reith II
1 Brunellenfeld1800 m387 m
2 Lärchenhang2500 m388 m
2a Pletzerwald2950 m388 m
3 Hagstein6950 m890 m
4 Raintal2900 m573 m
5 Unterberg
6 Horn-Standard
12 Rote Teufel Trainingsstrecke1500 m216 m
13 Hornköpfl-Süd1850 m216 m
14 Hornköpfl1450 m216 m
15 Eggl950 m92 m
16 Streiteck7650 m1089 m
16a Streiteck
16b Jufen-Steilhang432 m
17 Powder Heaven2500 m523 m
18 Sonnenrast1400 m132 m
19 Kapellenabfahrt1475 m256 m
20 Asten5600 m875 m
21 Streif-Rennstrecke
21 Streif-Familienabfahrt
21 Walde
21a Waldehang275 m158 m
21b Seidlalmhang
22 Kampen5850 m878 m
23 Griesalm2650 m523 m
24 Jufen900 m317 m
25 Fleck6100 m987 m
25a Fleck2050 m
25b Kaser-Fleck
26 Kaser bis Ochsalm Tal5400 m804 m
26a Kaser-Krien
27 Brunn6600 m1039 m
27a Brunn
27b Brunn-Kälberwald
27c Brunn-Steilhang
28 Silberstube950 m183 m
28a Silberstube
29 Kasereck1800 m221 m
29a Kasereck1400 m221 m
30 Pengelstein II2900 m565 m
31 Schroll-Skirast3500 m436 m
32 Hieslegg3200 m477 m
32a Hieslegg700 m
33 Giggling
34 Pengelstein-Süd
36 Hahnenkamm1850 m143 m
37 Melkalm2400 m208 m
38 Direttissima2020 m305 m
39 Obwiesen1800 m700 m
40 Kaser Nord3400 m
41 Gaisberg1850 m435 m
43 Ochsalm2250 m
55 Hochsaukaser1900 m301 m
56 Schwarzkogel4650 m921 m
60 Wagstätt bis Mittelstation3100 m798 m
61 Talsen2900 m534 m
62 Bärenbadkogel I1600 m342 m
63 Bärenbadkogel II1800 m375 m
64 Bärenbadkogel II2300 m375 m
65 Bärenbadkogel-Nord3800 m607 m
66 Jägerwurz2800 m479 m
67 Wurzhöhe-Süd2900 m534 m
68 Trattenbach2800 m366 m
69 Rettenstein950 m312 m
70 Resterhöhe3750 m515 m
70a Resterhöhe/ Resterkogel1050 m193 m
70b Resterkogel
71 Resterkogel850 m193 m
71a Resterkogel
71b Resterkogel - Hanglalm
72 Hanglalm1900 m349 m
72a Hanglalm650 m
72b Hanglalm - Resterkogel
72c Hanglalm - Hartkaser
73 Hartkaser2200 m263 m
73a Verbindung - Hanglalm
74 Hartkaser1900 m263 m
74a Hartkaser - Zweitausender
75 Zweitausender2300 m482 m
75a Zweitausender1950 m
76 Pass Thurn Direktabfahrt5900 m728 m
77 Breitmoos3350 m661 m
50 Bichlalm-bis Mittelstation
50a Bichlalm-Süd
51 Golf
52 Stuckkogel
90 Sedlboden
Alte Wacht
Verbindung - Trattalmmulde250 m
Verbindung - Trattenbach690 m
Aschau Skiwiese250 m
Verbindung - Hausleiten500 m
Verbindung - Rasmusleiten450 m
Übungswiese Reith I300 m
Übungswiese Kirchberg500 m
Verbindung - Resterhöhe750 m
Verbindung - Resterkogel650 m
Verbindung - Hartkaser

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Ski pass prices for the Ski Area Kitzbühel / Kirchberg

The following price list applies exclusively in the KitzSki Kitzbühel -Kirchberg zone of attraction... - not in the LARGE Super Ski Pass Ski Network of the Kitzbüheler Alpen.

Day ticket

Category:Super saversSaver seasonPeak season
Adult€ 48,50€ 51,50€ 57,00
Child€ 24,00€ 25,00€ 28,00
Youth€ 36,00€ 38,00€ 42,00

Super savers: until 08.12.2018 and from 23.04.2019
Saver season: 09. - 22.12.2018 and 10.03. - 22.04.2019
Peak season: 23.12.2018 - 09.03.2019

3-Day ski pass on consecutive days

CategorySuper saversSaver seasonPeak season
Adult€ 126,50€ 142,00€ 158,00
Child€ 63,00€ 71,00€ 79,00
Youth€ 94,00€ 106,00€ 118,00

Super savers: until 08.12.2018 and from 23.04.2019
Saver season: 09. - 22.12.2018 and 10.03. - 22.04.2019
Peak season: 23.12.2018 - 09.03.2019

Why the Super Ski Pass great value for money?

Why the Super Ski Pass great value for money?
Why the Super Ski Pass great value for money?

The ALL-IN-ONE ski pass only costs a few euros more! The Super Ski Pass is highly recommended for avid skiers and those who like to explore different slopes. --> See price list ... more

From these townships in the Kitzbüheler Alpen you can DIRECTLY access the ski area Kitzbühel:

Neighbouring townships to the Ski Area Kitzbühel - KitzSki calls!

  • Kitzbühel
  • Kirchberg
  • Reith bei Kitzbühel
  • Aurach
  • Jochberg
  • Mittersill
  • Hollersbach

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The Ski Area Kitzski Kitzbühel - Kirchberg is also a partner of the Skipass Super Ski Card.

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