Open pistes in Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn in Salzburger Land and Tyrol

Which ski pistes, slopes are open / downhill runs skiable?

Read here about the current piste status of the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn in Austria. Here you can see which downhill runs and ski slopes are open. You'll also see the level of difficulty of each slope. The following pistes and slopes are open to skiers and snowboarders. The slopes marked in green are currently skiable.

Open slopes + downhill runs in Saalbach, Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn - in Austria

12000 m
1a4000 m
22000 m
2a5000 m
31500 m
4 Muldenabfahrt1000 m
51000 m
7 Sprinter-Abfahrt1500 m
7a1500 m
82500 m
8a2500 m
30 Familienabfahrt I2250 m
31 Abfahrt Zehner 6er oben1400 m
32 Zehner 6er-Familienabfahrt2000 m
332000 m
351500 m
361500 m
37 Familienabfahrt II1800 m
37a1600 m
38 Familienabfahrt I2250 m
403000 m
50 Spieleck1000 m
50a Standard2000 m
51 Spieleck2000 m
522000 m
532000 m
541800 m
551000 m
56 Sonnhofabfahrt2000 m
57 Rosswald2000 m
58 Rosswaldhütte -> Hochalm Mitte2500 m
70 Familienabfahrt2250 m
70a Familienabfahrt2250 m
712250 m
722250 m
76 Zum Sunliner 4er - Saalbach1000 m
771500 m
80 Reiteralmabfahrt2500 m
812000 m
831000 m
852200 m
86 Eibingabfahrt2500 m
87 Reiterkogel Ostabfahrt1000 m
146 Bernkogelabfahrt4000 m
147 Skiweg Wetterkreuz800 m
148700 m
151 Ederabfahrt2000 m
152 Maisabfahrt4500 m
1533500 m
1551800 m
156 VerbindungTurneralm - Magic 6er2800 m
158 Bergeralmabfahrt2400 m
1591800 m
1601600 m
161a2250 m
162 Wildenkarabfahrt - Verbindung nach Leogang2500 m
162b Verbindungsweg zur Seidl Alm3500 m
164 Seidlalm Abfahrt - Mittelstation/Saalbach3500 m
165 Magic 6er zur Schönleitenbahn3300 m
166 Kohlmais Mittelstation3000 m
168 Abfahrt Viehhofen7500 m
2011800 m
2021000 m
205 Hüttabfahrt2000 m
206 Asitz, Mittelstation2000 m
2072600 m
2113000 m
2121700 m
212a200 m
215 Asitzgipfelbahn 8er - Steinbergbahn Tal1500 m
2161300 m
217 Talstation Muldenbahn 8er900 m
218900 m
220900 m
220a Talstation Muldenbahn 8er Links900 m
222a700 m

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Open slopes in Fieberbrunn in Tyrol - connected to Saalbach

101800 m
1022200 m
1031500 m
1041300 m
1052500 m
106800 m
1071750 m
1082000 m
108a1100 m
1092100 m
1102800 m
110a2750 m
1213100 m
121a1100 m
1221850 m
1234900 m
123a4000 m
1241800 m
1252200 m

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Cable car companies inform about open slopes + downhill runs in the winter months

The open slopes, lifts and cable cars of the Kitzbüheler Alpen Super Ski Card ski areas are entered into the system directly and continuously by the cable car companies. In poor weather, strong wind or possible technical defects, the lift status may change even during the day. The system promptly updates lifts that are running and any changes. Thus you are always up-to-date with which ski slopes and downhill runs are open on this page!

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