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Which slopes are open / downhill runs skiable?

Read here about the current piste status of the KitzSki ski area Kitzbühel - Kirchberg in Austria. Here you can see which downhill runs are open. You'll also see the level of difficulty of each slope (type). The following pistes and slopes are open to skiers and snowboarders. The slopes marked in green are currently skiable.

75 Zweitausender-Skiroute
Übungswiese Reith II
1 Brunellenfeld2900 m387 m
2 Lärchenhang950 m388 m
2a Pletzerwald4200 m388 m
3 Hagstein5100 m890 m
4 Raintal1350 m573 m
4a Raintal750 m
5 Unterberg2900 m
6 Horn-Standard2900 m
11 Hornköpfl direkt1250 m
12 Rote Teufel Trainingsstrecke800 m216 m
13 Hornköpfl-Süd1200 m216 m
14 Hornköpfl1400 m216 m
15 Eggl700 m92 m
16 Streiteck3550 m1089 m
16a Streiteck
16b Jufen-Steilhang450 m
17 Powder Heaven1000 m523 m
18 Sonnenrast1300 m132 m
19 Kapellenabfahrt1500 m256 m
20 Asten6350 m875 m
21 Streif-Rennstrecke1450 m
21 Streif-Familienabfahrt7800 m
21 Walde1300 m
21a Waldehang350 m158 m
21b Seidlalmhang350 m
22 Kampen3850 m878 m
23 Griesalm3450 m523 m
24 Jufen900 m317 m
25 Fleck8450 m987 m
25a Fleck350 m
25b Kaser-Fleck1200 m
26 Kaser1950 m804 m
26b Kaser-Krin1150 m
27 Brunn2300 m1039 m
27a Brunn2200 m
27b Brunn-Kälberwald
27c Brunn-Steilhang500 m
28 Silberstube1450 m183 m
28a Silberstube
29 Kasereck1750 m221 m
29a Kasereck1000 m221 m
30 Pengelstein II4800 m565 m
31 Schroll-Skirast
32 Hieslegg3200 m477 m
32a Hieslegg650 m
33 Giggling6000 m
34 Pengelstein-Süd11400 m
36 Hahnenkamm2100 m143 m
37 Melkalm2400 m208 m
38 Direttissima2500 m305 m
38a Direttissima-Griesalm300 m
39 Obwiesen1400 m700 m
40 Kaser Nord1850 m
41 Gaisberg2000 m435 m
42 Rennstrecke Gaisberg1800 m435 m
43 Ochsalm2900 m
55 Hochsaukaser1200 m301 m
56 Schwarzkogel3850 m921 m
60 Wagstätt5250 m798 m
61 Talsen2050 m534 m
62 Bärenbadkogel I2000 m342 m
63 Bärenbadkogel II1200 m375 m
64a Verbindung Bärenbadkogel I + II2300 m375 m
65 Bärenbadkogel-Nord3800 m607 m
66 Jägerwurz2800 m479 m
67 Wurzhöhe-Süd2900 m534 m
68 Trattenbach2800 m366 m
69 Rettenstein950 m312 m
70 Resterhöhe3750 m515 m
70a Resterhöhe/ Resterkogel1050 m193 m
70b Resterkogel
71 Resterkogel750 m193 m
71a Resterkogel
71b Resterkogel - Hanglalm1200 m118 m
72 Hanglalm1900 m349 m
72a Hanglalm650 m
72b Hanglalm - Resterkogel1000 m170 m
72c Hanglalm - Hartkaser1000 m170 m
73 Hartkaser2200 m263 m
73a Verbindung - Hanglalm600 m130 m
74 Hartkaser1900 m263 m
74a Hartkaser-Zweitausender
75 Zweitausender2300 m482 m
75a Zweitausender1950 m
76 Pass Thurn Direktabfahrt5900 m728 m
77 Breitmoos3350 m661 m
50 Bichlalm3550 m
50a Bichlalm-Süd1350 m
51 Golf2950 m
52 Stuckkogel1250 m
90 Sedlboden
62a Alte Wacht
Verbindung - Trattalmmulde250 m
Verbindung - Trattenbach690 m
Übungswiese Aschau250 m
Verbindung - Hausleiten500 m
Verbindung - Rasmusleiten450 m
Übungswiese Reith I300 m
Übungswiese Kirchberg500 m
Verbindung - Resterhöhe750 m
Verbindung - Resterkogel650 m
Verbindung - Hartkaser

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The open slopes, lifts and cable cars of the Kitzbüheler Alpen Super Ski Card ski areas are entered into the system directly and continuously by the cable car companies. In poor weather, strong wind or possible technical defects, the lift status may change even during the day. The system promptly updates lifts that are running and any changes. Thus you are always up-to-date with which ski slopes and downhill runs are open on this page!

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